Tree Info

Here’s a comparison table of different Christmas tree species. (We do not sell all of these.)

Species White Pine Scotch Pine Fraser Fir Douglas Fir Nordmann Fir Norway Spruce Colorado Blue Spruce
Needle Length 2”-5” 1”-3” ½ ”-1” 1”- 1½” ¾”- 1¼” ½”-1” 1”-1½”
Needle Shape Long and thin Medium-long and thin Short and stubby Medium length and thickness Medium-short and stubby Short and thin Medium-long and thin
Needle Sharpness Very soft Sharp Blunt Semi-sharp Blunt Sharp Very Sharp
Needle Gloss Semi-lustrous Dull Very shiny Shiny Very Shiny Semi-lustrous Dull
Max. Ornament Weight Light Moderate Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Medium-heavy
Needle Retention* Consistently very good Consistently excellent Poor and inconsistent Fair, but inconsistent Poor and inconsistent Consistently bad Consistently fair
Fragrance Strength Faint Faint Strong Very Strong Strong Strong Very Strong
Color From Blue-Green to Yellow-Green Dark green Deep blue-green with silver Blue-green to yellow-green Dark-green Green to light-green Silvery-blue to blue-green

* Gauged by the number of needles retained on January 1st by a tree cut on Thanksgiving and well cared for thereafter. Poor does not mean the tree will simply be a bunch of barren twigs – it will still look presentable, but significantly sparser than when it was cut.

Even more information on each tree can be found through the links below: