Douglas Fir

Quick Look

Needle Length 1”- 1½”
Needle Shape Medium length and thickness
Needle Sharpness Semi-sharp
Needle Gloss Shiny
Max. Ornament Weight Heavy ornaments and lights
Needle Retention* Fair, but inconsistent
Fragrance Strength Very Strong
Color Blue-green to yellow-green

* Gauged by the number of needles retained on January 1st by a tree cut on Thanksgiving and well cared for thereafter. Poor does not mean the tree will simply be a bunch of barren twigs – it will still look presentable, but significantly sparser than when it was cut.

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10-18 Douglas Fir 8'-10'

Douglas Fir 8′-10′

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More Info

Despite their name, Douglas Fir are actually not considered to be true Firs. However, they have many of the same pleasing properties as Fraser Fir and other Firs, such as strong branches and a naturally pleasing shape. Though still poor at retaining their needles after being cut, they are nonetheless better at this than the true Firs. Also, Douglas Fir have a stronger aroma than the true Firs, but less than Spruce. Some botanists have described the aroma as “sweet” or “smelling of camphor.”