Scotch Pine

Quick Look

Needle Length 1”-3”
Needle Shape Medium-long and thin
Needle Sharpness Sharp
Needle Gloss None
Max. Ornament Weight Moderate weight ornaments and lights
Needle Retention* Consistently excellent
Fragrance Strength Faint
Color Dark green

* Gauged by the number of needles retained on January 1st by a tree cut on Thanksgiving and well cared for thereafter. Poor does not mean the tree will simply be a bunch of barren twigs – it will still look presentable, but significantly sparser than when it was cut.

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10-18 Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine 6′-7′

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More Info

The superb needle retention and stiff branches of the Scotch Pine are its claim to fame as a Christmas tree. A properly treated cut Scotch Pine will retain 80-90% of its needles for over a month, and the branches can hold all but the heaviest ornaments and lights. Even a dried-out Scotch Pine will retain its needles well. Like White Pine, the foliage gives off little fragrance and is rather dense, leaving few gaps for big ornaments to hang freely.

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